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"She Deserves a Glowing Crown of Gold!"

             The Greek tragedy, Antigone, composed by Sophocles, illustrates the fight of a courageous young girl struggling to justify the burial of her brother. Although Creon, the powerful King of Thebes has established a law prohibiting the burial of Polynices, his sister, Antigone ignores his decree and honors her dead brother by giving him a proper burial. Creon considers Antigone's actions criminal, offensive, and disrespectful. For committing this crime, Creon sentences Antigone to die. Antigone's fight against the dominant king, her struggle to win rights as a woman, and her desire to honor to the Greek gods, leads to the conclusion that her decision to bury Polynices is noble and praiseworthy. .
             Antigone pours out her emotions as she cries to Creon, "Give me Glory! What greater glory could I win than to give my own brother decent burial? These citizens here would all agree, they would praise me too if their lips weren't locked in fear" (line 561). Antigone's love for her brother is so great that she violates the King's law; even though she knows her actions will lead to her death. Although most of society probably agrees that Creon's law is harsh and unreasonable, they are too weak and too terrified to express their beliefs. However, Antigone felt it was her duty to honor her brother and would not allow Creon's decree to prevent her from achieving her goal. Antigone inquires, "Why should I be ashamed of my loyalty to brother" (line 624)? From this statement, it is obvious that Antigone is more focused on her loyalty to her brother, Polynices, rather than her loyalty to Creon, the king. Creon did not approve of Antigone speaking in this manner. Antigone's words clearly illustrate that she does not regret disobeying Creon's ruling, and moreover, feels her behavior is justifiable. Further, these words crush Creon's hubris, his excessive pride and arrogance. Antigone deserves admiration for her independent, courageous decision to challenge the cruel, heartless King.

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