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My Antonia/summary

             The book My Antonia is about a young boy named Jimmy and his long time friend Antonia. Jimmy's parents had died so he was to move to Nebraska to live with his grandparents Mr. And Mrs. Burden. At the sane time a Bohemian family moves near his grandparents place on the out skirts of Black Hawk, Nebraska. Antonia was the oldest daughter of the Shimerada family, the bohemians. Mr. Shimerada asked Jimmy to teach Antonia to speak English and this is how Jimmy and Antonia's friendship grows.
             (Chapters I-III, Book 1).
             As Antonia and Jimmy spend more time together they go places with each other. Once they went out to the dog-town and they encountered a huge rattlesnake that Jimmy killed. (Chapter VII, PG 31-32, Book I) The Bohemian family had made friend with the Russians, Pavel and Peter. A man named Krajiek was supposed to help the Shimerada but rips them off!.
             Once the Burdens went to go check on them hoping Krajiek was not letting them eat prairie dogs. They see the conditions in which they have been living in and are disgusted. (Chapter X, Book 1) On January 22, Jimmy finds that Antonia's father; Mr. Shimerada had killed himself during the night. (Chapter XIV, Book I) Unfortunately, the storm makes it hard to get to the Shimeradas place and Jimmy really can't be there to make Antonia feel better; besides it's no place for a child.
             In the spring Antonia had to work day and night for her older brother Ambrocsh, who was now head of the house since his fathers death. Jake and Ambrosch get in a fight over Mr. Burdens horse collar that Ambosch treated badly. (Pg 83 Chapter XVIII Book I). Jimmy and his grand parents move to the town of Black Hawk in the beginning of Book II Chapter I PG. 93. In Chanter II PG 98 Mrs. burden told The Harlings, The burdens neighbors, to try Antonia as their replacement cook. So in chapter III Book II Antonia gets acquainted with the Harlings. For the next chapters Antonia's friend Lena Lingaurd comes and visits saying that she works for Mrs.

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