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Substance Abuse

             In New Jersey there has been an increase in the use of the drug heroin. " The use of the drugs cocaine and crack among seventh and eight graders has doubled in three years, from two to four percent" (Star ledger 98). A survey was taken and it showed that "forty-six percent of students said they drank alcohol, which was a drop of three percentage points; eleven percent used marijuana, this was a drop of one percentage point; and a percent used inhalants, and increase of one percentage point since 1995" (Star Ledger 98). .
             "About seven percent of New Jersey's seventh and eight grade graders have used cocaine and six percent have tried crack before" (Star Ledger 98). "About forty-three percent-consumed alcohols's, twenty-two percent used marijuana, and nineteen percent have tried inhalants" (Star Ledger 98). "Attorney General Peter Verniero said the statistics are "encouraging and the state's efforts are on the right track" (Star Ledger 98). "We need parents and officials to admit there are a drug problem"(Star Ledger 98). .
             Substance Abuse creates problems in the society such as crime, Premature deaths, and breaking up of homes. These factors hinder the progress of a society. It takes away the strength and vitality out of a community. The community becomes an unsafe place for children. Now the community has to be aware of the person or persons addicted to the substance. .
             An individual who is addicted to drugs will lie, cheat, and even steal to maintain that addiction. A person who is addicted to drugs will even steal from his or her own family in order to get money for drugs. Some addicts are single parents and the individual will have their child to steal for them. .
             Some homeless people we have on the streets are addicts themselves. Addicts don"t come from one particular society. It can be a poor mother on welfare or middle - class housewife. The drug does not discriminate to what kind of color you are or where you are in your social status it gives everyone the same effect.

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