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Substance Abuse Treatment

            Substance abuse and addiction are causing serious problems for millions of people every day. Addiction can cause problems in family life, careers, health and friendships with people becoming addicted to a whole host of things such as alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs unhealthy foods, tobacco, and way many more. Addiction happens for many reasons and while some people can manage to drink or take drugs experimentally, many others sadly fall into the trap. It's very hard for an addicted person to stop, and sometimes their additions could even cause them to die. A person with a substance problem often knows that the alcohol or drugs they are taking is bad for them, yet they have trouble controlling themselves. A lot of the time these people are in complete denial about their addictions and intervention by family and friends doesn't always help.
             An addicted person has to truly want to get help and stop but sometimes they just don't care. So, why is it that people become addicted to something that is bad for them? There are a variety of reasons, and each person is different; some people may drink, take drugs, or smoke and it's their way of handling stress from other factors in their lives, such as work or family problems. Substance Abuse Prevention The Intersection of Science and Practice (2003) gives description about withdrawal side effects, "Sweating, shaking, sickness, and major restlessness. Individuals with these signs most likely need substance abuse treatment. Numerous diverse individuals can furnish substance and misuse medication" (p. 69).
             Fisher and Harrison (2000) have traced the history of treatment experts for substance abuse, "As Twenty years ago, in the alcohol and other drugs field, [did you know that many] treatment providers were alcoholics and addicts in recovery who [used only their very own] experience to help others? (p.1). This research assignment goes in depth with the discussion levels of care and whether the use of treatment is a promising approach for substance abusers and addicts[Fis00] by responding to the following questions:.

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