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The Scent of a Woman

             "The Scent of a Woman- is an Oscar-winning dramatic tale of a struggling college student who acquires a student holiday job, which includes helping a crabby blind veteran, in order to buy plane tickets to visit his out-of-town family; he unexpectedly becomes involved in a wild trip secretly planned by the veteran. .
             The blind veteran, who was referred to as "Lieutenant- or "General,"" is spectacularly performed by Al Pacino. The moral and quiet student, Charles, is performed by Chris O'Donnel. Charles is very sensitive to others' feelings while the general is mean and arrogant towards others. It is helpful to note that the general obviously has serious symptoms of bipolar disease; one minute he is joyful and excited, the next minute he is depressed and angry. .
             The film opens with a scene at the all-male Bearfield (?) University in the mid-20th century. A group of wealthy students, lead by the manipulating and mischievous Harry Winston, try to invite Charles to join them on an expensive Thanksgiving vacation. Unable to afford it, Charles politely refuses the invitation, then the group of boys mock Charles when he leaves their presence. In my mind, I already sympathize with Charles. He is enrolled, with the blessed help of an academic scholarship, in a prestigious university, bursting with wealthy students, and he can't even afford to spend the holidays with his family in Oregon. Which is why he inquires a about a holiday job asking for a house-sitter. .
             The big problem for Charles is not the job, but the fact that Charles and a friend of the "group,"" Greg, had witnessed Harry and "the group- preparing for an event to slander to the director of the university. Because they were the only known witnesses, Harry and Greg were told to either tell what they saw or be expelled from the school, a devastation for Charles' future. Charles wants to be loyal to his acquaintances, but also wants to stay in college; he has the holiday to decide.

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