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Analysis of Consumer Perception Issues: Axe Deoderant Spray

            To: VP, Marketing at Unilever Canada.
             Subject: Analysis of Consumer Perception Issues related to Advertisements for Axe Deodorant Body Spray for Men.
             AXE Deodorant Body Spray for Men.
             As part of a consulting team, my partner and I have evaluated whether the television commercials for your product, Axe Deodorant Body Spray for Men, are effective with respect to its effect on consumer perception. We focused on one commercial in particular, in which a fairly attractive man sprays on Axe Body Spray while in an elevator. In the ad, the young businessman is in his final stages of getting ready, his shirt still unbuttoned and his jacket hanging from his arm. He's sure to spray on a good amount of the body spray and continues to dress while still in the elevator. As the man steps off the elevator, another man in a suit gets on along with a beautiful woman; this man however is not as attractive as the first and appears to be somewhat nerdy. The woman quickly picks up on the scent from the Axe spray becoming attracted to nerd and pushes the emergency stop button. In the next scene we see the woman stepping out of the elevator pulling down her skirt and fixing her hair, the man also looking rough, implying the two engaged in a quick make out session. It's "the Axe effect" in action.
             We believe it is very likely that target consumers have been exposed to this television commercial. Airing this commercial during shows and events such as "The Man Show" and major NFL games, strategically positions the product to reach the exact consumers you are targeting. This product is extremely appealing to young single men in the dating arena and these men typically watch male-oriented television shows. .
             We believe that it is very likely that target consumers have paid attention to the commercial. This funny and rather direct commercial peaks interest by conveying the message to men that by wearing Axe they will be more charming and attractive to women.

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