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Cognitive-Behavior Modifications in a Case of Impulsivity/Ove

             The practice model that was chosen for this paper was taken from one of the many cases that have been handled by workers at Emotional Health Services Outpatient Treatment Facility, my field practicuum agency. My field agency offers a wide range of quality professional services to help the person(s) meet their challenges of family, professional and personal relationships, and the daily challenges of coping with change, as well as with the consequences of their decisions. The agencies services include individual sessions and sharing/processing groups where the focus is on personal and family issues/problems. The social/target problem or focus of this study was titled "Cognitive-Behavior Modifications in a Case of Impulsivity/OVER ACTIVITY". This student workers role, for the purpose of this case study, was that of both an Iniator/Researcher as well as an educator. .
             This case study is intended to meet the needs of persons working with hyperactive children who are interested in learning about the specific intervention approaches. The outcomes of this study should serve as a source of concepts and procedures on intervention, with enough detailing of rationale and intervention to expand the practitioner's repertoire of strategies for intervention. It emphasizes intervention in educational as well as home settings, and as such, places emphasis on the kinds of interventions that non-medical persons can affect. Accordingly, drug studies per se were omitted, although drug treatment is discussed. .
             Literature Review.
             Overview of Social/Target Problem.
             A review of literature identifies three main themes regarding the cause of hyperactivity: Organic, psychological, and developmental. The ensuing discussion will overview the evidence and issues associated with each position. .
             The Organic Position.
             The observed link between encephalitis and hyperactivity encouraged an "organic" view of the condition, which in turn argued for medical treatment (i.

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