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Case Study - Impulse Behaviors and ADHD

             The subject of this study is a grade six pupil with attention deficits/ hyperactivity disorder who exhibits impulsive behavior. In this study it was verified that children with impulsive behavior exhibits hasty action that occur in the moment without forethought and that have high potential to harm to the individual; that impulsive behavior would lead to aggressive behaviors such as engaging fights with others; and that impulsivity has a great impact on the education of a child. Thus, providing evidence-informed techniques and interventions such as tangible rewards, praise, time-out, and commands/limit setting would help manage the impulsive behaviors of children.
             I. Introduction.
             In psychological literature, the term "impulsiveness" tends to be assigned rather broadly to a variety of different behavioral patterns. While according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-V), impulsivity is a hasty action that occur in the moment without forethought and that have high potential to harm to the individual. It may reflect a desire for immediate rewards or an immediate rewards or an inability to delay gratification, social intrusiveness, making important decisions without consideration for long-term consequence, blurt out answers before questions have been completed and interrupt or intrude on others, such as butting into conversations or games. .
             Impulsive behaviors often, but do not always, lead to aggressive behaviors. Aggressive behaviors may be directed inward in the form of self-injury, or at someone or something else through angry outbursts, harassment, property damage, or violence. In fact, impulsive and aggressive behaviors are frequently associated with disruptive disorders. High levels of impulsive are associated with risk of suicide in children and adolescents, making effective treatment even more important. In addition, Impulsivity affects multiple areas of life, including education (Spinella, 2003).

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