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The Encounter's In Human Society"

             Walt Whitman was one of the most popular poets that ever exististed. He was also known for his poem "The Dalliance Of The Eagles". When I first read the poem the first thing that came to my mind was that it's just two eagles flying around. As I read it over and over. I notice it was about the different encounters that go on in today's society. The poem is basically about one eagle attracted to a potential partner. The eagles soar the dizzying heights, lock talons, and begin breathing taking death- defying plunge to the ground. Just moments before sulking the ground, the eagles disengage and once again soar to the heavens of love. Its as it Whitman is trying to send up readers a message. Showing up what happens everyday.
             Understanding the poem was difficult because Whitman uses lots of imagery and passion through out the poem. Lines 5 and 6 symbolizes a roller coaster. The eagles soars high into the air folds it's wings and dives toward the ground at a tremendous speed. Just before reaching the ground, the performer pulls up and begins the sequence again. In lines 1 and 2 The observer of the poem is taking their daily walk between sunrise and noon. He hears a sound like something is covered up. The sound turns out to be two eagles flirting with each other. This symbolizes the romantic theme/ Lines 3 and 4 symbolizes the electricity between the two eagles. You can feel the strong attraction as the eagles rush high in the air so that they can intersect with one another. When they intersect they interlock with each other.
             Whitman wants you to picture what's i going on in line 7 an 8. " The Twain yet one , a moment's lull". He wants you to picture the two meet s one as the moment is soothing. They still balance in the air. All of sudden the eagles loose grip. As their claws starts to distance. " Up word again on slow -firm pinions slanting their separate diverse flight, She he, He his pursing". To me this the best line of the poem.

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