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Development of Technology in Architecture since the Renaissa

            Since the beginning of time humans have toiled to break new boundaries in the field of Architecture. From the time of the Renaissance, mankind has made great strides that can be seen today with the development of architectural technology. The renaissance was a time of rebirth and renewal. All over Europe, people were looking forward to a new but uncertain future. New discoveries and innovations filled Europe. Original Ideas permeated the world, remolding the way people thought, architecture was no exception to this rebirth. The technological advances in The Cathedral or Duomo of Florence as we see it today is the end result of years of work that covered over six centuries of history. This is just one of the examples that demonstrates the advancements in architectural structures during the Renaissance period, which prevailed until the last quarter of the sixteenth century, soon after the spiritual political and cultural uprisings provoked by the Counter Reformation propelled Renaissance architecture towards a new phase, the Baroque in the seventeenth century, with Rococo following in the eighteenth century. The technological/structural advancements can be seen in today's architectural marvels. Modern architects like Frank Lloyd Right and Le Corbusier display the way current architects are able to incorporate technological advances and personal styles in the process of designing a structure.
             The Renaissance was a rebirth of learning that had been lost after the demise of Classical Roman and Greek Empires. The Rapid Development of science began in the renaissance because of the growth of trade. One of the most important innovations of the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press which allowed for ideas to be circulated all around Europe within a month, this also meant that the majority of people could now afford books and therefore learn to read and write. Along with the publishing of books came many new theorists and architects that now published their work, or were published about, as was the case with Filippo Brunelleschi.

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