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Home Grooming Your Pet

             According to a survey conducted in 2001/2002 by the American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association, Incorporated (APPMA), the United States spent an estimated $31 billion on feeding, caring and primping of pets (Industry Facts, n.d.). The average cost for a pet bath and brushing is $35 and adding a nail clipping or a hair cut increases the cost approximately $10 per additional service. A majority of the services performed by professional dog groomers can be performed by the pet owner. For some it is a matter of convenience and for others a simple matter of not knowing how. .
             Felines probably tend to make owners more nervous about providing care because of the personality of cats, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. For the most part, cats do not need to be bathed; they are very good at keeping themselves clean. However, when a cat becomes injured, sick or in cases of long-haired breeds, it may need assistance. Canines usually present a different and usually more relaxed encounter, they are just happy to be touched and so much attention given to them. Washing, rinsing and claw clipping process are pretty much the same for both pets. Bathing the pet in a room with the door closed and minimal distractions will help to deter thoughts of running out the door. Dogs love to shake once they get wet, to deter that simply place a hand on the top of the head or on the back of the dog and say, "No" to reinforce that should not be done during bath time. The pet owner should wear old clothes or a cover gown. .
             Before bathing, clip the claws, it will save trauma for the pet owner as well as the pet. Silver nitrate sticks and cotton balls should be nearby in case there is accidental nicking of the nail quick. The pet owner will have to experiment to find the best holding techniques to hold the pet and to cut the claws. Do not use regular scissors as it can injure the claw and makes it harder to gauge how much is being clipped.

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