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Deciding to Be a Veterinarian

             It all started when I was a little girl playing with my rubber ducks in the bath tub. My mom always thought I was a weird little girl for quacking like a duck as I were playing with them in the tub. I always had a special love for animals. I feel like it's my duty to take care of all animals when they're in need. Taking care of my first pet "Chucha" really shaped my identity and made me become the person I am today or thriving to be one day. The day I first met my first pet, changed my life forever. Being the only child for 13 years; my dog became my best friend. I took care of Chucha like she was my little sister. Chucha helped me with my loneliness of being the only child. I soon then knew that I was going to be a Veterinarian when I grew up.
             Veterinarian: FFA Pet Clinics.
             Being in "FFA" was probably the best thing that happened to me, especially to get a kick off with my career. I had a lot of opportunities to do many things with being in "FFA" which stands for Future Farmers of America. Being in FFA helped me prepare for college. I went to different colleges to visit the agriculture programs with being a part of this club. The first school we visited was Prairie View A&M University; that school was a wonderful school and it's an HBCU. I can recall when we went me taking care of the baby goats and calves. They're so much fun to take care of. They're just like humans; they do almost everything like we do. The only thing I didn't like that they did was yell all the time. It's so annoying and funny at the same time. They need special attention at all times. .
             The second school we visited was Tarleton State University. Tarleton wasn't my ideal school at first. I thought it was real boring and there wasn't anything to do in this small town. The agriculture program was great though and I really liked the head professor. I could tell that I'll get a lot of help if I was to go there.

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