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Underage Drinking and it's Consequences

            Teen alcohol substance use is a problem among many adolescents. Not only does underage drinking among adolescents ranging from ages 13 to 20 have an effect on them, it has an impact on families and communities too. Social influences, peer pressure and parental norms are some of the factors that cause under age drinking among adolescents. Severe consequences can occur when adolescents use or abuse alcohol if they are not addressed in a timely manner. Binge drinking, health illness, court cost, jail time and fees are among the money consequences that occur when adolescents use or abuse alcohol. History trends have shown us the effects, social cost, policies and interventions that this population of individuals has encountered in the United States. Research has shown that prevention and treatment methods set the foundations for stability and change among adolescents who use or abuse alcohol. A lifetime of success is not promised to this population of individuals if they do address alcohol substance use early, however it can open up future opportunities and social relationship for adolescents when detected early. Additionally, studies have been measured to show how interventions are effective when it comes to underage drinking. .
             History of Underage Drinking.
             It is said that under age drinking has been a problem for adolescents for many years. This is defined as drinking alcohol before the legal age of limit. History has shown how the legal age for drinking changed from 18 to 21 over thirty years ago. According to research, 29 stated lowered their drinking age to 18 because of military enlistments and voting age rights in the late 60's and early 70's (MADD, 2011). Research has shown the failures with underage drinking because of the minimum drinking age limit. Drunk driving crashes and alcohol- related fatalities occurred causing more than 10 states to change the legal age for drinking back to 21 by 1983.

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