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            Since El Paso is located in the borderline with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the Sun City has a very unique situation regarding alcohol consumption only shared between other cities among the borderline between Mexico and the U.S. Underage teenagers who are unable to buy or consume alcoholic beverages legally in the United States travel across the border to buy and consume alcohol legally. This brings up big trouble, the main one is drunken individuals, mainly teenagers, driving unsafely in our streets causing fatal accidents.
             El Paso Police Department has made considerable progress over the past decade in reducing deaths and injuries due to alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. Government statistics show that about 29% fewer people died in alcohol-related crashes in 1996 as in 1986. Yet improvements in the alcohol-related crash fatality rate have been flat for the past several years, and the mortality and morbidity associated with such crashes remain at unacceptably high levels. In particular, young people are still at high risk for dying in fatal alcohol-related crashes. .
             Research indicates that most of these deaths and injuries could be prevented through a combination of more effective community policies, enhanced local enforcement efforts, changes in individual attitudes and behaviors. With no improvement in current safety performance and expected yearly increases in travel, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) projects that fatalities and injuries could increase by 50% by the year 2020. .
             Private and government agencies work very hard nation wide and locally to reduce alcohol-related fatal injuries. While positive outcomes have been reached nationally, here in El Paso the numbers of fatalities keeps increasing. Drunk driving is the most frequently committed violent crime in our country. And, in Texas, this crime is committed more frequently than in any other states.

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