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             Drinking irresponsibly can inevitably ruin someone's life. There are many effects to take into consideration when you decide to drink those couple of beers, wine or any alcoholic drink. What most people know about drinking, they seem to forget the consequences when they get drunk. They forget about drunk driving, and effects that go along with that, effects on the body, and crime.
             There are many reasons why people drink. Some good reasons to drink could be to celebrate, dinner at a fancy restaurant, family gatherings, etc. In those few instances, its ok to have a drink or two as long as you know how much alcohol you could consume so you can still function normally. The instances when people tend to drink irresponsibly are when they are at parties, have stress, boredom, depression, and the most common it seems among teenagers, peer pressure.
             Effects of alcoholism can lead to death or long-term illness. A common deadly effect of alcohol is drunk driving. Last year alone, 17,000 people died, and about half a million more injured by either being a victim or being the drunk driver (Madd). Driving while intoxicated is the worst thing to do, you never know who or what you are going to hit. From one of my family members experience, she blames herself everyday for getting in an accident while she was drunk, and killed her best friend who happened to be in the passenger seat. For this, she was sentenced for six years in jail for vehicular manslaughter, but only served three and half years. Because she chose to drink and drive, she ruined her life, along as her families lives, and best friends" family lives.
             If you get caught driving drunk, you have to be ready to pay higher rates of car insurance as a consequence. According to MADD (mothers against drunk driving), drivers who get a DWI will most likely find that there car insurance rate is much higher. Also, many car insurance companies do not offer coverage to people who have DWI's because drunk drivers get into more accidents.

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