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"Alcohol Use"

             At this moment it is early Saturday night, a lot of students at this time are finding themselves getting ready for a night of fun. As I look around the halls, the Frat boys are on there prow of drunken girls, and there are rumors of house parties in the air. What is it that gets me to write a paper on Alcohol use? Well the answer is my use and love for the fermented and distilled beverages. In this paper I plan on discussing many factors of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. .
             Alcoholism is hereditary in both men and women, but apparently to a lesser extent in women. It has been reported that among heavy drinkers in the United States men outnumber women 4 to 1, but it is notable that men are more likely than women to drink in public while women may stay out of sight, possibly skewing results. This trend of males being heavier drinkers than females continues in other countries and cultures as well. In Native American populations an alcohol related diagnosis from Indian Health Services hospitals was more than twice as likely for a man than for a woman to be a heavy drinker. 26.5 % of deaths for Native American males and 13.2 % for females were alcohol related. These figures may indicate that alcoholic males are more likely to incur injuries or death as a result of alcohol.
             It is found that generally the same percentage of college students become alcoholics as does the general population. The reason is even while we are using or possibly abusing alcohol, we know that this only a period in our life that will soon come to pass. The community we are in allows us to drink and have less severe consequences compared to the possible consequences after college. Almost all students after college return to normal drinking habits. The life after college can no longer be as free lived with out as serious of consequences. Free lived means that for the most part we are drinking for fun and enjoyment in groups, not by ourselves.

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