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"Alcohol and the Body"

             It can bring up diseases like: fatal alcohol syndrome, heart disease, liver disease, pancreatitus, cirrhosis, alcohol hepatitis, and various types of cancer. Heavy long periods of drinking bring up most of these diseases. Symptoms of these diseases are an abdominal pain, yellow coloring in skin, eyes, and urine, fevers, nausea, vomiting, and including death. Alcohol hepatitis can lead to death. Cirrhosis is not curable, but can be involved with transplantation. This causes scarring of the liver. Fatal alcohol syndrome is when pregnant women drink while pregnant, the unborn child, shows signs of physical and mental loss at birth. Pancreatitus, inflammation of the liver, gives off major abdominal pain and weight loss can turn to fatal fate. Drinking alcohol, by adding high blood pressure and chances of having a stroke or heart attack, increases the likely-hood of having a heart disease. Cancer is also advanced in many different areas. There are so many places where you can get it, because of the variety of areas that alcohol effects. Cancer can be in the following regions: throat, mouth, voice box (larynx), liver, breast, colon, and esophagus. Alcohol also affects the nervous system. It weakens your muscles and makes you somewhat sleepy. .
             Other complications include: digestive-system problems, ulcers, and if you are taking any pain killer medication and drinking alcohol you may be at risk for very serious liver damage. Alcohol practically affects all systems in your body and can cause life long damage.
             Alcohol affects the parts of your body that are controlled by your brain. BAC means blood alcohol contraction. If a person has two or three drinks in one hour, it affects most of the cerebrum, judgment, reason, senses, coordination, vision, and speech. This amount of alcohol affects driving skills. BAC is 10%. Four to five drinks, in one hour, affects the entire cerebrum, hearing and all of the above.

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