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            In the 1950's, consequences were nothing compared to present day consequences for drinking and driving. Why do underage drinkers feel they have to drive after drinking? What are the consequences currently if you drink and drive? What are the consequences going to be in fifty years? I believe that in this world there should be more consequences for one that drinks and drives. .
             I think that underage drinkers feel they have to drive home for the night so they don't get caught either by parents or the authorities. Male drivers age 16 to 20 have six times the driver fatality risk in single vehicle crashes at BAC's (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .01 to .04 compared to male drivers age 25 and older at these low levels. (Council 1) There is a law now called the Zero-Tolerance Law, which states that any underage drinker caught driving automatically loses their license till they are 21. The required BAC is .02 for the zero tolerance law. It is not worth getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking. Very recently the legal BAC has changed from .10 to .08.The consequences for a person who is convicted of a DWI is 90 days suspended license, mandatory 3 days in jail, anywhere from a $250-$2500 fine, plus your vehicle is impounded for 30 days. .
             If we were to compare the drinking and driving laws in the 1950's to today, we have to think what they are going to be like 50 years from now. In Germany they put you to death if they are convicted of a DWI. Is that going to be the case for the USA? What direction are our consequences going to go? A slap on the wrist, education about drinking or straight to death after conviction? .
             I believe the police officer's intentions were good when he decided to pull me over, because others drunk drivers have killed people. The consequences are unknown until you get caught. Then you start to think of how many times you have actually committed it before.

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