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The Parenting Balance

            Parents are first forms of authority a person encounter during their life. Many parents believe teenagers need constant supervision because teenagers make poor choice. I did agree because if you keep a child in locked the house, when he goes outside he will run wild, and may not want to return home. Since I was young, I have always known that my older brother had issues with authority because constantly have to reiterate things to term repeatedly. Growing up we were all taught to be obedient and respectful children. However, my older brother brothers did not like restrictions, influenced their actions and judgment, dramatically changed their communication level within the family. And ultimately severed their bonds with our family. Baring witness to these events I concluded that parents need to give their young adults more freedom and allow them to learn to live and grow. This will will encourage young adults to be more forthcoming and open with their parents about that they are having.
             My parents exerts their authority and influenced my older brothers actions and judgment by dictating how they can live their live. The restrictions my parents placed on them such as curfews, choosing were they could and could not be, and selecting who they could and could not associate with provoked them to rebel and explore the people, the places, and things they were prohibited from. Example my dad would say do my older brother and sister , who at the time were sixth-teen and seventeen. " this is my house, these are my rules, and if you don't come in by 9pm don't come at all". Although my dad was concerned for their safety my older siblings did not see things that way. I soon adverse effect on my brother and sister. The statement my dad made had given them an alternative had an realized that seventeen was the age of rebellion, and I watched how my dad's good intentions had an doing the right thing, which was to be in the house by 9pm, they now considered not coming home at all.

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