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The Psychology of Parenting

            Parenting directly affects how a child will function in society. There are millions of kinds of parenting but in terms of Psychology there are 4 categories. The 4 categories are Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and uninvolved. Every set of parents has a different approach to guide their kids to success. Authoritarian parents are very strict and do not have much flexibility. These kind of parents do not encourage verbal give and take and they expect their orders to be followed without hesitation. They also do not feel the need to explain themselves. Authoritarian parents are more likely to use punishments without showing emotion. Being this kind of parent usually implies you have a cold relationship with your kids. There are obviously many families that are happy with Authoritarian parents but One cross-cultural study found that European-American kids who reported feeling less close to their parents were more likely to come from authoritarian homes. Some people interpret this kind of parenting as a sign that they care. .
             Authoritative parents offer firm guidance with using love and affection. This style is the most common one in middle class homes. Also this style is proven to have the most success. Children who are raised with these kinds of parents are more likely to excel in academics, be more independent, and have a better social life. This is the best kind of parenting because it is not too strict and not to free. It is a perfect balance in which kids respond well to. Permissive parents allow a bit too much freedom and not enough guidance. In the United States at least it is proven to not be the best parenting style. Permissive parents cannot grasp the concept of controlling their kids. The problem is these kinds of parents are not demanding enough. They do not give their kids responsibility. This negatively affects their kids in the long run because they do not have good organizational skills and therefore suffer in the real world.

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