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Critical Psychology and Gender

             In recent years, many critiques expressed their concern about the social issue of gender in Western cultures. Although the notion of gender may seem obvious and natural to many people, nowadays, many others agree that this issue deserves more attention. The aim of this assignment is to discuss how Critical Psychology helps to develop a critical view on gender, also discussing sexual ideologies in our culture and how these are formed throughout our life-span. This assignment observes and discusses the inequalities that Critical Psychology finds in the perception of gender by society and mainstream Psychology. It also identifies the main points of this critical social issue in Western communities by discussing important theories and keywords in Critical Psychology. This assignment criticizes theories established in Sociobiology and mainstream Psychology, and how these may have influenced society's perception on gender differences. This assignment also discusses the perception of other genders, mainly transsexuals, homosexuals and intersex people in our community. In conclusion, the contribution of critical psychology in helping to reduce gender inequalities in society is discussed. .
             Psychology is considered by many to be an objective science which benefits society by trying to find the underlying truth of the human nature and behaviour, yet Critical Psychology shows that, in certain cases, this notion might be incorrect (Tyson, Jones, Elcock , 2011). Psychology deals with many social issues, including gender, and in many ways the studies and theories within it try to explain and sometimes modify the behaviour of the individual (e.g. Behaviourism) rather than finding problems within society itself. According to Hepburn, Critical Psychology challenges this notion offering disapproval of how issues are held in society as well as in Psychology (as cited by Tyson et al., 2011). .
             In Western cultures, gender is universally perceived as a meaningful pragmatic variable which is essential in understanding the human behaviour and nature.

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