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             Psychology as a science has developed over a long period of time, literally centuries. During this period of time, many persons have had an influence on the development of Psychology. In this paper I am going to describe three persons and their contributions to Psychology. Also how their contributions affected Psychology as a science. The three people that I am going to discuss are the persons I believe to be the most important to Psychology. Psychology is an interesting science in which we need people to help explain why things are the way they are. Many people make an effort to explore this science, but it takes dedication to actually get something out of it.
             Wilhelm Wundt who was known as the founder of Psychology, as a formal academic discipline, founded the school of Structuralism. This concept evolved out of the mechanistic nature of the Industrial Revolution and the Scientific method of experimentation. Structuralism attempted to discover the nature of consciousness into separate parts, and to ultimately discover the structure of consciousness. .
             Wundt held the first academic course in psychology in 1862, and he set up the first experimental laboratory where he conducted a series of experiments to determine the dimensions of feeling and perception. He also helped people to be able to break things down into groups for what he thought, at the time, was easier management. Wundt significance was that he was the first person to actually introduce the subject of psychology to others and to get them involved in the science of it.
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             Another great Psychologist is Ivan Pavlov. Ivan Pavlov was born in a small village in central Russia. His parents wanted him to be a priest, but he soon found that he cared more for scientific pursuits. He then began to study chemistry and physiology and soon began to research topics that interested him the most: digestion and blood circulation.

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