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Development of Clinical Psychology

             This paper explains what clinical psychology is, how it started, how it has evolved, and how clinical psychologists are different from other professions such as social workers, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. This paper covers important figures and events that helped lead to the establishment and professional creation of clinical psychology through the Boulder Conference in 1950 and through the works and reformations by Pinel, Tuke, Todd, and Dix. We examine through various articles by Johnson, Martin, Norcross, and Karpiak on how clinical psychology has evolved from the 1950s and earlier to what is it now, and to what it will become in the future. .
             Clinical psychology is a growing field with a rich history. It is constantly evolving due to new research, and is becoming more popular as well. Through the use of statistics and honed research methods, clinical psychology helps better the quality of life for many individuals. What makes this subject so unique is that it, "integrates science, theory, and practice to understand, predict, and alleviate maladjustment" (Trull, 4). Through psychotherapy, patients at all socioeconomic levels are treated from varying cultures. Underlying the main goal of any profession, clinical psychology is a way to help people, and change their life for the better.
             To many psychologists, clinical psychology is the most research-based field of psychology. One has to be excellent in patient care and research methods to be able to work in the field of clinical psychology. Patient care today is outstanding and remains so, but was not always the case in the past. Throughout its founding and early days, clinical psychology has evolved in so many ways. Psychology professionals have done so much to better the preciseness of tests through meticulous research and analysis. All of this progress took nearly a century of closed research to develop. To this day, clinical psychology is still going through changes and is continuously evolving.

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