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             Were did it come from? Are people born crazy or does the world drive them to insanity? These questions are oftener asked but rarely answered. The actual meaning of psychology is the scientific study of behavior and the mind (Psychiatry 368). Yet, when I used to think of psychology I used to picture something totally different. I would picture older gentlemen with glasses almost resembling a crazy witch doctor. He would be sitting in a burgundy padded leather chair with a high back. The doctor would write down notes in his notepad about who knows what as he coaxes deep dark secrets from his patients lying on a couch. But, after researching I found that is very different from that. It is a very complex topic that you could study for a lifetime and still not have all the answers. In my research I will give you the tip of the iceberg in Psychology. .
             Psychologists are not just people who listen and analyze the mentally ill. They do far more then that. They do there best to understand the mysteries of humans-why people think, feel, and act as they do When the definition of psychology is broken down, there is three parts. They are scientific, behavior, and mind. The scientific part is done through experiments. Behavior refers to any action or reaction that can be measured or observed (behaviorism 1). Examples of this could be a blink of the eye or an increase in heart rate. The third part is the mind; it refers to the conscious and unconscious mental state (Lawery 23).
             There are many areas to study in psychology. Some major areas are: biopsychology, .
             clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology, and social .
             psychologists study biopsychology, the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Humans are like any other animals, they adapt to survive and reproduce. Humans adapt their behavior and mental processes to survive in the world physically or emotionally.

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