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Psychology - Eating Disorders

            Eating disorders have taken over many young adolescents lives, mostly young girls and younger women. Western cultures food is abundant and the eating disorder rates are thriving. Large amounts of people are obese, and many suffering from binge eating. On the contrary, many adolescents suffer from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The following essay researches the importance of sociocultural and environmental influences, as to whether such contributions are the most significant or go hand in hand with biological factors in the development of eating disorders. Causation factors are also researched on society's everyday norm of dieting and over-consumption of readily available food. To analyze and understand the significance of each factor and possible correlations, research in scholarly literature as well as documentaries have been acknowledged. Needless to say, researchers have concluded that it is rather difficult to periodically perform studies on groups suffering from eating disorders because individuals are in denial of the psychiatric illness they are suffering from. However, the literature researched had commenced studies and had conclusive repertoires of compared literature from the authors and the authors before them. .
             Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the world. Western cultures have favored the same views and beliefs on the perfect image. In the late twentieth century people steered away from the gracious full-bodied image that symbolized beauty and adopted an opposite viewpoint that would be known as today's symbol for the perfect body type. Society creates a glamorized perception of ideal body types that symbolically relate to success and power through mass media. This creates an emphasized thin body type along with everyday dieting norms that would be embraced by majority of society. Obsessive dieting and yearning to match the ideal body type leads to abnormal eating habits and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa among vulnerable personality types as well as young adolescents and athletes.

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