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Photographer, Diane Arbus

            Patricia Bosworth's biography on Diane Arbus begins describes the.
             start of the Russek's fur company, which was started by Diane Arbus's.
             grandfather Frank Russek. It continues to describe her grandparent's.
             lifestyle and the birth of her mother, Gertrude.It goes on to describe.
             Gertrude's marriage to David Nemerov and his impact on the Russek's fur.
             company. David went on to play a massive role in the company's growth and.
             outreach. Diane's childhood was very different from the childhood of many.
             others. She grew up in a wealthy family in the middle of the depression.
             She had many nannies and had a very close relationship with her brother,.
             Howard and her younger sister, Renee. The book talks about Diane's years at.
             the Fieldston School in Riverdale as well. Allan Arbus landed a job working.
             at the Russek's fur company store, through his uncle Max Weistein, who was.
             the president of Russeks, in the art department. According to Ben.
             Lihtenstein, 'they fell madly in love' with one look at each other. (pg 34).
             Diane's father resented Allan and Diane's relationship from the start.
             In 1964 Ben Lichtenstein gave Diane her first camera, the Speed.
             Graphic. The camera became to heavy for her so she stopped using, but later.
             on came back to it. Allan, who had the dream to become an actor, gave up.
             his dream around this time and him, who was once trained as an Army.
             photographer, and Diane borrowed money from her father, David, to get all.
             new equipment. Allan jumped into fashion photography with Diane as his.
             partner, although neither of them had any interest in it. The book goes on.
             to explain all the work that Allan and Diane did with many major magazines,.
             such as Bazaar. Diane also developed a very close friendship with Alex.
             Eliot and his family. The two couples remained to be close throughout their.
             lives. Diane had depression throughout her whole life but during her.
             marriage with Allan she started to have longer swings of depression.

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