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Diane Arbus

            In 1925 an artist was born in New York, New York.
             In the future people would know her as Diane Arbus, a.
             great figure in contemporary documentary photographer. Diane was born.
             to a wealthy family who owned a Fifth Avenue department store. She.
             went to school at the Ethical Culture School, which was a progressive.
             institution. Once she turned 18 years of age she married a man named.
             Allan Arbus. Diane's father had asked her and her husband to take.
             advertising photos for the store. This is what launched Diane's.
             photography interest. Between 1955 and 1957 Diane studied under a.
             superior photographer named Lisette Model. Lisette encouraged Diane to.
             focus and use her "documentary eye." With Lisette's encouragement,.
             Diane began to devote herself fully to photography. She documented.
             transvestites, midgets, twins, people in their homes and on the street,.
             and asylum inmates. Diane discovered that her interest were in people.
             who live on the edge of social acceptance and depicting what is.
             supposedly "normal". Because of this, her photos were considered.
             controversial and still are today. In 1963 and 1966 she was awarded.
             the Guggenheim Fellowships to continue her work. In 1967 her work.
             was displayed in the New Documents show at the Museum of Modern.
             Art in New York along with other famous up and coming artists. Her.
             work received pretty good reviews. In 1970 she fabricated a portfolio.
             with ten photos. Her portfolio was taken in well because by then she.
             already had an international reputation as one of the pioneers of the new.
             In 1971, for unknown reasons, Diane Arbus committed.
             suicide in Greenwich Village, New York. Her death made her photographs.
             even more popular. A couple of years after her death, Mrs. Arbus.
             became the first American photographer to be represented at the Venice.
             Biennale. The 1972 Aperture monograph Diane Arbus, now in its.
             twelfth edition, has sold more than 100,000 copies.
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