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Homelessness - The Problem of America

            Homelessness, which is one of our nation's most serious social problems, has greatly increased over the past ten years. Homelessness happened long time ago and the existence of homeless people in our society is still evident today. The United States government needs to become more active in taking care of this problem. One of the solutions for this problem is to provide more affordable housing programs. For most of the past two decades, public and private solutions to homelessness have focused on providing homeless families with emergency shelter or transitional housing. While such programs may provide vital access to services for families in crisis, they often fail to address the long-term needs of homeless families. Families need help in finding affordable housing, negotiating leases and developing the skills to stay housed.
             Living without a home, being on the streets or in shelters is what defines homelessness. There are many things that could have happened to the homeless people which might have contributed to their problem. The reasons are different for each and every person. It happens to individuals, as well as families, of all different nationalities and backgrounds.
             People become homeless for a variety of reasons. For example, sudden catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes, or fires destroy homes and throw people into a temporary homeless condition. As a result, people have lost their jobs, been evicted from their homes. Moreover, homeless people including teenagers run away from families and teenagers that are thrown away by families who no longer want them. Teenage runaways have different reasons for leaving home but all have the same reason for becoming homeless: they simply just do not have enough money. Others are drug and alcohol abusers and disabled people. Besides, people with mental illnesses also become homeless quite often. They are incapable of handling the stress of living on their own.

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