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A Childs Well Being - Foster Care

            Many children in America are not having their needs met nor are they being treated in a healthy way, which leads to future issues for the child. Children enter foster care at a very young age, which for some could bring positive results improving lives of the children. On the other hand it can bring negative results that lead them to aging out of the foster care system as well as other physical and mental problems. Maltreatment, poverty and foster care all have effects on a child's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. A child's development can be severely hindered by their experiences in several areas and ways. Children can often be helped by providing predictability, nurturance, support, and cognitive or insight-oriented interventions to make them feel safe, comfortable, and loved. After developing an understanding of these topics, a case study will complete on a boy named David.
             Child Maltreatment.
             Child maltreatment is often the outcome of a care giver who reaches the end of their frustration and tolerance level. Child maltreatment includes physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Neglect refers to the failure of a parent to provide for a child's development when they are financially able to do so (Child Abuse, 2011, p. 1). Maltreatment has an impact on a child's well being because they develop a sense of insecurity. They become alert of human contact and they cannot tolerate being touched by others. Home is a place that is greatly feared so therefore they arrive to school at a very early time. Children will also find excuses as to why they must stay in school a bit longer and leave school late (Crossen-tower, 1998, p. 191). School becomes a sense of acceptance; children around him not only may be classmates but very good friends. School can also be a place where they feel safe and secure, especially if they have a great relationship with a teacher.
             Children in Poverty.
             Poverty percentages are increasing every year, impacting our largest population and most vulnerable group, children.

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