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Body Systems

            Functions and the skeletal system strong bones including the vertebrae of your spine, support your upper body and head. The skeleton plays a crucial role in movement in providing a strong stable and mobile framework on which muscles can act. Your skeletal system also protects your internal tissues and organs from trauma. Bones store minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are important to health and strength of skeleton and to various essential processes in your body.
             Your skeletal system consists of 206 bones that have been classified in two main groups. These groups are known as the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. All bones are covered with outer layer of hard densely packed compact bone. Almost every bone in the body can be placed in the following categories by shape. Long bones and examples of these are humorous, diaphysis, and epiphysis. Shorts bones are almost equal in length and width, examples include the small bones in the wrists and ankles. Flat bones are somewhat thinner and much flatter than other bones. Flat bones, such as those in the skull, protect organs. The scapula, or shoulder blade, is another example of a flat bone. Irregular bones such as facial bones or the vertebrae, have unusual shapes and do not fit into the other categories.
             Caring for you skeletal system is something you can do every day. Eating foods that contain calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus can help prevent the development of certain skeletal disorders. Regular physical activity, including weight-bearing exercise, helps keep bones strong. Wearing protective gear such as helmet and padding when you participate in sporting or recreational activities shows that you know and apply safe practices in physical activity settings.
             Skeletal system disorders and bone injuries can be the result of many factors, including poor nutrition, infections, sports and recreational injuries, and poor posture.

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