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Honesty and Friendship

            Since childhood, we have been taught the importance of honesty and why we should be honest. Almost all adults will tell us that lying is wrong. Therefore, we do try our best to be honest with our parents, teachers, friends and almost everybody with whom we meet. However, when it comes to avoiding trouble, saving face in front of the boss, and especially protecting someone's feelings, many of us find ourselves lying. The definition of honesty becomes vague and abstract at this point. An interesting question comes to my mind, "Is it better to keep a friend by not speaking your mind or risk losing a friend by being honest?" I believe that honesty is always the best policy while facing our friends and ourselves.
             Initially, honesty is an important quality of every individual. It's a personal commitment to live with honor in one's life. For example, in a third primary relationship, I believe that honesty is my pride, and I am proud of being myself. If there is a conflict between friendships and honesty, I will choose honesty without hesitation even though there is a risk of losing my friends. I think honesty is necessary to friendship, but people should not obey their willingness to suit others. We should be honest not just to our friends but also ourselves. Personal feelings and willingness are as important as friendship. My personal experience is a good example. .
             Peer pressure left a deep impression on me in high school. Wearing baggy pants, tattooing, and piercing were considered the coolest things in my school. In order to fit in, a lot of my friends forced themselves to accept and do so-called "cool things." They began to pierce their ears, nose, and tongue; they tattooed all kinds of patterns and unknown characters on their body. Although some students didn't like piercing or tattooing, they did it because they were afraid of alienating their friends and losing them. I was even persuaded to smoke outside school.

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