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Night Mother Critique

            After reading the play Night Mother I was left with a feeling of frustration. The tone of the play was very calm for almost the whole play. The play also contain a lot of information that I feel could have been left out. The play Night Mother left me feeling like I had just wasted my time and if I had the choice of reading the play again I doubt I would read it again.
             My feelings toward the play were of aggravation and disbelief. I was aggravated because I could not understand why a mother and daughter could act so calm when the daughter was about to commit suicide. I can not imagine a mother not calling the police, hitting her daughter over the head with a pan, or using some other kind of physical force to keep her daughter alive. The girl seemed way too calm for a person who was about to take her own life. She seemed to have everything thought up and to be in no kind of mental instability. The reason why I might have felt the way I did about the play is because I can not relate the thought of suicide and the calmness of that thought displayed in the play to my life.
             The very calm tone of the play made it very hard for me to read. I was distracted because the play came across very uninteresting to me. I did not like it because for the majority of the play there was no real rising action until right at the end. I am the kind of person who likes the kinds of stories and plays that have a beginning, a climax in the middle, and nice ending that sums everything up. To me, Night Mother lacked the interesting aspects that a play needs to keep my attention.
             The middle of the play that I was uninterested in seemed to be mostly drug out uninteresting information. Though some of the information was important in understanding the play, most was not interesting at all and seemed not to be useful. By changing the play so that it contained the first 4 pages, a summed up middle, and the last 4 pages it would seem a lot more interesting to me.

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