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Case Study - Abnormal Psychology

            This is one of those unique moments in history when the personality and political behavior of one key political actor are of determinative significance. The answers to many of the key questions with which this committee is grappling depend upon a clear understanding of the motivations, perceptions, and decision making of Saddam Hussein. To provide a framework for this complex political leader, a comprehensive political psychology profile has been developed. Saddam Hussein was a dictator who ruled Iraq for thirty-five years with an iron fist. He was a manic and blood seeking person and strove to be the greatest of all time. During his time in power, he waged war with Iran, Kuwait, Kurdistan, and the United States of America. Iraqis suffered from hunger, humiliation, and were treated like slaves in order to help pursue his vision. He had palaces and statues all over Iraq, cars plated with gold, women from all ethnicities serving his pleasure, even though his people were dying from extreme poverty and hunger. He never wanted to be criticized or critiqued on any actions he took. You would die a horrible death if you criticized the mighty president in front of anybody. He made all the people of Iraq spy on each other by bribing with rewards. All you had to do is walk to the nearest Baath party location, tell on your own parents, and get that huge reward to feed your kids. .
             Saddam grew up in a poor house. His father died when he was a kid and his mother had to marry his uncle. Some say Saddam's father was actually murdered by his mother because she was in love with his uncle. He was abused by his uncle so many times. They didn't want him to go to school and get his education. Finally, Saddam decide to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and go to his maternal uncle, Kairallah in Tikrit. Saddam suffered from a severe personality disorders. He had a Narcissistic personality disorder combined with Antisocial and Schizotypal personality disorders to some degree.

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