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Marketing Fast Food to Children

            It seems that we all eat fast food because it's easy, convenient and inexpensive. Compared to other foods in America, fast food is most popular; it's something that people can go out and enjoy. In part I of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser writes about the reasons why fast foods are so popular in America today. Fast food really took off in California after World War II. The prosperity of fast food coincided with an appropriate time in the America. The rise of population caused an economic boom. Thus, there was a high demand for cheap, fast, and easy food. Additionally, fast food entrepreneurs took a lot of risks in the beginning because many benefited from the rise of fast food. .
             Many innovators became successful in fast food industry. The enormous success of fast food, McDonald's led to other entrepreneurs to learn about franchising. Especially, the marketing of fast food to children also became popular. Children consumed fast food without giving it much thought. Once children are used to eating fast food, it is hard to break them of the habit. Fast food marketing to children is considered a contributor to childhood obesity. The marketing of fast food to children should be limited because children are easily influenced and the corporation only care about making profits.fast food marketing targets children with false advertising. .
             Because children are easily influenced by advertising, the marketing of fast food to children should be limited. A lot of Fast Food entrepreneurs were smart and hard-working. For example, when America was in a baby boom, Ray Kroc who got the rights of the franchises from the McDonald brothers created a fast food empire. He realized that children would be the restaurant franchise's new target customers. Despite the internet is popular today, television is still the important medium for children's advertising. Kroc discovered if a child liked TV commercials, they would convince their parents to bring them to McDonald's.

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