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Sperm Donorship

            Sperm donorship seems like a harmless activity right? Well this may not be the case, because the repercussions can be devastating. There are many reasons for this. The major reasons are; potential of fatherhood to many children, lack of fatherhood of children, a possibility of incest, possibility of genetic mutations, finally there is a lack of care and love in the conception of the child.
             In the discovery article we read for class, there are many regulations and limitations for sperm donorship in other countries, with exception of Canada and the United States. This is for a very good reason as well. This is because a man who acts as a sperm donor can end up being a father to many children without even knowing it.
             In the discovery article it discussed that there was a play called "Starbuck"" about a man who had 533 children without even knowing it, but what is even more intense is that this play was based on real research from his own personal experience, where he found out that there were 500-1,000 children born from this one man. This leads to a real conundrum when the man acts as a donor and ends up being a father to many children, which they will probably never know, the real question lingers how will they ever be able to receive parental guidance from this unknown father.
             This process definitely is known for parents who cant have children physically. Donorship of the sperm is merely just for the process of having the child, and really the technical father is not supposed to function as a father. However the genetic makeup of the child will come from this father regardless that the only function of this man is to make this process happen, but the unfortunate situation is the man who is a donor heavily impacts this child. This father will have no place within their (technically) child's life, which could really impact the child emotionally or even sub consciously. Also lack of knowledge of this father could also have real social and physical implications.

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