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types of whales

            Whales are huge mammals that live and eat in water; they sort of look like fishes with fins and the tails. They are not fishes. They breathe through a blowhole, which is located on their heads. Cetaceans is a group of whales, there are two different types of cetaceans; Odonteceti and the Mysticeti. Odonteceti are toothed whales, they use their teeth to catch fishes, squids, marine mammals etc; and they only have one blowhole. While in the other hand Mysticeti (or Baleen whales) prey on smaller organisms, and they have two blowholes. Here I"ll be talking about two types of whales including their differences and their similarities. .
             These are the similarities of both the killer whale and the sperm whale. They both migrate in water especially in the warm places of the sea. Both of these whales swim with their tails moving up and down (so do all the other whales). The killer whale as well as the sperm whale comes from the Odonteceti group, which means they are toothed whales that prey on fishes, squids, sometimes sharks, and other creatures in the sea. Killer whales and sperm whales are very acrobatic whales; they sometimes jump out of the water then come down slapping the water very hard this type of activity is called breaching. Sometimes these whales stick their heads out to take a look outside, this is called lobtailing. .
             Though there are a lot of similarities between the two whales, the sizes are different. The killer whale grows up to 27-33ft and weighs around 8,000-12,000 lbs. Sperm whales grows from around 50-60ft and weighs 40-45 tons. There is a slight difference of the whale's life span, the male killer whale has a 50-60 year life span, and the females have a 90-year life span. Sperm whales live to about 70 years. Color is a huge difference between the two whales; the sperm whale has a dark grayish color, while the killer whale is black with white patches around its body. .
             Sperm whales are an endangered species, because in history the people used to hunt sperm whales for their meat and oil.

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