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Harmful Effects of Whaling

            In his essay, "Whales R Us," Jayme Stayer uncovered the reality behind marine parks all over the world where currently forty-nine killer whales live in captivity. Visiting Sea World inspired him to draw a true picture about the "education" that Sea World claims. Stayer heard trainers repeat the same hypocritical words each time the whales performed: "We here at Sea World believe that animals should not be taken from their natural habitat." However, since marine parks receive the whales from the black market that supports the whaling industry, they have become indirectly involved in the barbaric act of hunting, and killing numerous whales in the process, removing the majestic creatures from the wild. Anti-whaling advocates have come to strongly believe that whaling should be banned because killing whales for any purpose is an injustice that does not benefit the economy; furthermore, whale hunting can lead to the extinction of these magnificent animals.
             As science has shown, whales have large brains and a high level of intelligence that makes them similar to dolphins and humans. Like humans, whales' communication is very advanced, and their songs are similar in structure to the human language. The methods of hunting these intelligent mammals are extremely ruthless. For example, whaling boats separate whales from their pods, driving them to the beach as the hunters hear the cries of the rest of the pods. Then, the fishermen sever the whales' spinal cords with a sharp knife, letting the mammals bleed until they die. Another inhumane way of capturing occurs when whalers shoot their preys with explosive harpoons that first puncture the whales' skin and then explode inside the whales' body causing incredible pain. Usually, the whales agonize for several hours before they finally die. Comparing the whales' highly emotional intelligence to humans' feelings proves that whales know exactly what is happening to them.

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