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Causes Of Endangered Species

             CAUSES OF ENDANGERED SPECIES The term endangered is used by international and.
             national organizations to define plants and animals currently in danger of becoming extinct.
             Although the term endangered is universally used, the definition of an endangered species is greatly.
             varied. In most cases, the factors causing an organism to become endangered are human- related.
             When discussing the causes of endangered species, it is important to understand that individual.
             species are not the only factors involved in this dilemma. Endangerment is a broad issue, one that.
             involves the habitats and environments where species live and interact with one another. Although.
             some measures are being taken to help specific cases of endangerment, the universal problem.
             cannot be solved until humans protect the natural environments where endangered species dwell.
             Back in the fall of 1973 Congress passed the Endangered Species Act, the point of which was to.
             identify the plants and animals in the most trouble and come up with plans for saving them. The.
             effort has probably been as controversial as it has been successful (Institute of Advanced Studies.
             39). Of the more than 1,400 species designated as endangered, only 18 have recovered to the.
             point where they've been taken off the list. Upon signing the Endangered Species Act on.
             December 28, 1973, President Nixon stated Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of.
             preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been blessed.
             (Environmental Protection Agency). And now that scientists have cloned the last surviving member.
             of a rare breed of cow, some fear that the public's sense of urgency regarding vanishing species.
             might fade. Why not just clone more owls, the thinking goes; but that, say wildlife experts, would.
             be only a quick fix. Cloning would provide us with individual animals but not the home to introduce.
             them to in the wild, says Jeff Flocken, endangered species outreach coordinator at the National.

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