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endangered species

            In 1973 a law was passed that allowed endangered animals to be protected from poachers. It is called the Endangered Species Act. The endangered species act still helps animals who are endangered or threatened to become endangered today. Currently, there are some problems with the act. For example, if a farmer has an endangered species on his land that is destroying his crops or eating his herds, he can't do anything about it because if he did, he would get in trouble with the law. He could possibly go to jail and/or get a fine. Another problem is that we are protecting animals that the public doesn't know are endangered. If we are protecting these rare and endangered species, than why don't we know more about them so we can know what they look like in case a problem arises that causes the need for action to be taken. This is just a couple of the many problems that people have with the Endangered Species Act. What can people do to help them in these situations. .
             Some solutions to these problems mentioned above, for instance, the farmer, is that if he is having problems with this animal then he should call the right authorities to come and help him take this animal off his property. Some farmers would take extreme measures to get this animal off his property. For example, poison, traps, baited meat, etc. As for better intellect about the endangered creatures, we should inform more people about the endangered species lives that are at risk. For example, there are 400 species of farm fowl that go extinct a day but no one knows that the chicken we are eating could have been an endangered species. .
             On October 18th ,2000 the government was accused of violating the endangered species act. The reason for this is because they sprayed toxins on corn crops that harmed a number of endangered butterflies including the Monarch and the Karner Blue butterfly. These could be found near the corn fields.

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