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Endangered Species - The Aye-Aye

            A majestic species that can hook a meal worm out of tree with one finger is also known as the aye-aye. The aye-aye is primarily known in Madagascar and lives in trees. They have been known in Madagascar as far back as history dates. They have not left the island. They are nocturnal mammals. They are also known as the woodpeckers of Madagascar. Gron states (2007), the total population is unknown. The humans have tried getting the population up but with these organisms being hunted by locals its been hard. The aye-aye, through being hunted and having to dig through trees for food, are still a beautiful and majestic species. .
             This particular species tend to live in the trees of the rainforest. Most tend to live in the trees that have many branches and don't contain as many insects. Humans tend to cut down these trees. Dani claims (2006), this species leaves and cannot adapt to the new environment and die off. they cannot adapt to the new environment and die because they do not have what they need to survive. in addition she says that we as humans can get the trees from an area that is not being used but it would cost more, dani (2006). They wouldn't have to leave if humans didn't take over their environment. this messes with the species ecology and biodiversity. These trees should belong to the aye-ayes because their species had them first. .
             As to having no trees, some have planted trees to help the aye-ayes population replenish. It takes years for the trees to grow to what they need to be for inhabitation so they take them into captivity. As humans we think that this should help but disarrays with their reproductive system. jolles says (2010) in captivity the mating period is only about 3-6 hours but in the wild they mate for 3-9 days. she also states that they mate multiple times in that period of time and can't do that in captivity, jolles (2010). this actually decreases the population of the aye-ayes indefinitely.

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