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Graffiti: Art or Crime

             IS IT A CRIME, OR AN ART? IT"S UP TO YOU!.
             "An irreverent inscription on a wall in a public place".
             One beautiful day, about two summers ago, my friend and I decided to take a journey to downtown Toronto. Our main goal for the day was to do a bit of skateboarding but also check out the city and it's surroundings. It was pretty much my first time in Toronto so I wasn"t really familiar with the area and it's surroundings. At the time I didn"t have my license, so my friend and I decided to take public transportation to the big city. This was also my first time taking a large coach bus and subway too, so I really had no idea what to expect. When we got to finch station we got on the subway that was destine for union station. When my friend and I got on, we happened to see next two kids that also had skateboards too. This sight was very reassuring to my friend and me. Being the very out going person my friend is, he sat next to the kids and started chatting with them about what Toronto was all about and if they have been there. Their reply was yes, many times, and then they asked me a question that I probably won"t forget for the rest of my life. "Are you guys into Graffiti?" he asked us. I know it sounds like a funny question to remember but as this response continues, you will see why.
             At the time I didn"t have the slightest clue about Graffiti either, I mean I drew the odd bubble letter word here and there, but nothing that serious, or nothing I actually took to heart. Then the kids told us that if we want to see some cool graffiti to look at the up coming wall that was about thirty seconds ahead. As the subway cart approached the wall I saw the kids heads suddenly turn hundred and eighty degrees towards the window. Impressed by their reaction, my friend and I also took a gander at the fabulous paintings smothering the wall. At first they were not that great, but as the subway traveled further and further, they just kept getting more amazing.

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