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2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah

            The Winter Olympic games held every four years athletes train all their lives in there anticipation to get their chance to compete in these games. In 2002 the Olympic games head to Salt Lake City Utah, The state known for having " The Greatest snow on earth." Some of the Events held are, Alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating as well as freestyle, ice hockey, and luge. The Alpine Skiing results were so close as "Austria's Fritz Strobl Took the gold one of Austria's only three gold medals with a time of 1:39.13, second place came in with a time of 1:39.35 and third with 1:39.41"(data base Olympics) Snowboarding however is a totally different story for the United sates. In the Snowboarding Half pipe (Men's) The USA swept the floor with all three medals Gold going to Ross powers, silver to Danny Kass and the bronze medal going to Jarret Thomas; In the Woman's Half pipe the USA's "Kelly Clark took the Gold winning by 4.9 points just above France's Doriane Vidal." (data base Olympics).
             In the end however "Germany set the record for most total medals in the winter Olympics with 12 gold, 16 silver, 11 bronze, to add to a total of 36 medals; The United States was only two shy of this finishing with 10 gold, 13 silver and 11 bronze medals to add up to a total of 34. The Closest competitor to the USA and Germany was Norway who finished with 25 medals but finished with the most gold medals at 13.China and Australia also won their first ever winter Olympic medals." (data base Olympics) In the end the 2002 winter Olympic games were a huge success. Now Utah residents as well as visitors can enjoy all the Olympic legacy facilities each venue being a great memory to the 2002 winter Olympic games.
             In the world of sports the, winter Olympics were not the only thing that happened this year! There were a lot of other exciting that took place in the world of sports.

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