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Health Care in America

            Health care in our country has been widely debated for many years now. There is an overwhelming disagreement about whether health care is a right, or a privilege for those who have worked hard enough to afford it. The United Nations long ago established health care as a human right, but the United States government has sided differently. While there's evidence for either side, it seems inhuman not to include health care in a list of "human rights ". .
             Our current government requires individuals to go out and select a health insurance company, which they will pay a monthly fee to, and then in the case of a medical need, that insurance would cover almost the entire bill. This system has worked for years in building a commercially strong insurance branch of business and it has stimulated the economy to an extent. It has been argued that by keeping health care private, the best doctors and medical professionals will still strive towards the field due to the increased salaries that the capitalistic health insurance system provides. It can also be said that those who have the wealth to acquire satisfactory health insurance should not be the ones to pay for those who have not been as successful. .
             While these are all good arguments, I side with the United Nations on this issue, and believe that health care is a human right. Almost every other country that is part of the United Nations now has a form of universal health care, which also applies to their pharmacy costs. Many of these countries are reporting improved overall health in their countries, along with salaries that are very near those in the United States. This also takes a burden off the shoulders of one or two people in each family to provide their family's most important need and distributes it evenly over the entire nation, creating a standard for health care rather than a hierarchy. While a health care system paid by taxes may not stimulate the economy as well as our current billion dollar health care industries, maybe it can assist in keeping those alive who couldn't otherwise afford it.

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