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The Benefits of Industrial Hemp

            Industrial hemp should be legalized for commercial growth in the U. because there are many uses and benefits we can gain from it. Hemp can be used for anything from plastics, to rope, to biodiesel; it is a very versatile crop. Some benefits from growing hemp in the U.S. are it would create jobs, farmers would again be able to grow the cash crop and products produced from crude oil can also be produced from hemp oil. But this is all something the oil companies do not want you to know!.
             There are many environmentally friendly commercial uses for hemp. Hemp can be used for making plastics, ropes and creating a bio-diesel. Hemp oil can be used to create biodegradable plastics.The process by which hemp plastic is made is very similar to the process by which other plastics are made using crude oils. But the difference between the two is that hemp oil based plastic can decompose at a much more rapid rate in landfills whereas crude oil plastic can not. Hemp can also be used to manufacture a much more environmentally sound rope than nylon. And again the hemp rope would decompose much faster than nylon rope in a landfill. Hemp oil can also be used to create biodiesel at a much faster rate than other crops and is the most cost effective.We would be able to become less dependent on foreign fuels, and hemp is a sustainable resource. Hemp can help us slow global warming.
             Some benefits from growing hemp in the U.S. are it would create jobs. People would be able to process the plant here in the U.S. and we could then sell the products made in the U.S. to Americans and other nations; helping improve our economy. Another benefit is when it comes to farming, is hemp is a great rotation crop. A few reasons this is true are because hemp has a high rate of weed suppression.Also the soil gets loosened by the large hemp root system and the crop has a positive effect on soil tilth, so it is great to plant before winter cereals.

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