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legalize hemp

             What if there was a miraculous plant that could slow down the current rate of deforestation and reduce the amount of pesticides that are put into our environment each year? Well there is. The miraculous plant is also known as hemp. Hemp has been used for thousands of years and ha played a vital part in many different countries history. America's first colonies used plantations to grow hemp because of its ability to grow anywhere in the nation and it's many uses. Early farmers benefited from hemp just like today's farmers could if given the opportunity to grow it. Farmers wouldn't be the only ones benefiting from hemp, the environment would also see positive effects because hemp requires low maintenance and uses no pesticides. All of the contributions hemp could make are over looked by the United States government because of it's resemblance to marijuana even though hemp has played an important role in the U.S. history and the legalization could only have positive effects for today's farmers and environment.
             America's early colonists depended on hemp because of it many uses. They mostly used hemp for sails, rope, food, clothes, bibles, and oil lamps. People used hemp just about everything. Hemp even played an important role in Americas independence. The first two drafts of the declaration of independence were written on hemp paper. Woman would also hemp linens for the Continental Army. During the revolution war, the US's mightiest battleship, USS Constitution carried over sixty tons of hemp in rope, sails, and anchor line that was two feet in diameter. In 1640, the governor of Connecticut declared that every colony resident must grow hemp because of its variety of uses. Many people encouraged growing hemp because of its variety of uses and durability. Even America's first president George Washington encouraged people to grow hemp by saying,Make the most you can of the Indian hemp seed.

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