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Advertising Beats by Dr. Dre

             Dre is a business venture between Monster Cable, a company specializing in high definition media, Dr. Dre, a celebrity rapper and sound engineer, pop idol and "media gangsta " and Jimmy lovine of Interscope Records.
             This product has become very successful due to the advertisements that are shown wherever someone goes. It is very rare to find headphones or audio equipment in general to be advertised like how Beats have been advertised. This is because those companies that operate the audio industry have taken the headphone as a very simple accessory to listen to music and enjoy it. Recently, people who listen to the most famous songs of rap and pop and has also seen their videos must have noticed the glamorous Beats by Dr. Despite the over price of this accessory, Beats has become one of the most desirable devices to most people due to its high performance and looks. .
             One of the techniques used in their advertising campaign is the principle of authority. The authority has many different manifestations, not always directly related to power but also credibility. These companies have recruited music authorities and those are the most popular artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, LMFAO and many others, who have been responsible for making this product one of the most popular accessories among youngsters.
             In the principle of authority two elements come into play, hierarchy and symbols; the hierarchy is based on the belief that people who reach senior positions in the hierarchy have more knowledge and experience than the rest. The symbols bring credibility, trust and admiration. Beats have become famous worldwide; this is why celebrities everywhere carry these headphones around with them, which developed an image of fame and beauty. Many artists have also joined the cult and created their own, personalized headphones but many more are wearing them in public; in casual events and TV's.

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