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Blanche Dubois - A Street Car Named Desire

            Throughout life, people use distorted and inaccurate information to either hide or protect other particulars for their own benefit or maybe someone else's. They try to hide the present, future, and normally the past. It became a way of life for some people and most of what they are talking about has falseness to it. In Tennessee William's play "A Streetcar Named Desire", the more Blanch Dubois tries to fit in with the new aged America, the more she is setting herself up as a victim to society.
             Blanch Dubois natural personality comes off as someone who is sensitive and vulnerable. She is introduced as a woman who seems to be defeated because her husband has died, her family fortune is gone and she has drinking problems. Blanche's sister, Stella, attempts to provide for her in every way possible but finds it difficult when her husband, Stanley, continues to argue with Blanche. When Blanche loses the family fortune and estate, she involves herself in a battle to escape poverty. .
             Blanche imagines a southern millionaire named Shep Huntleigh will be the answer to her future happiness, but this was unlikely to happen. Blanche would have to try and settle for another man. She could never find a perfect model of a husband because her ideals were too high and she did not want to face the reality of her foreboding situation. Eventually, Blanche will turn off Mitch and any hope Blanche had at a normal life has restricted because Mitch is one of the few people that had romantic feelings for Blanche. Blanche's frail and vulnerable personality leads to her fall in society and oppressed by men. .
             The connection between Stanley and Blanche protrude as discomforting and suffering. Stanley eventually took advantage of Blanche by raping her. When Stanley raped Blanche, it shattered whatever was left of Blanche's mental health. She is dependent upon men and puts too much trust in them for her happiness.

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