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A Street Car Named Desire

            The film we watched was A Streetcar Named Desire. It was directed by Elia Kazan and made in 1951. A few of the major actors were Marlon Brando, Vivian Leigh, Kim Hunter, and Karl Malden. Blanche Dubois arrives at her sister Stella's apartment. Stella and her husband, Stanley are surprised by Blanche's sudden visit. Almost immediately, sexual tensions and class differences erupt between Stanley and Blanche. Her rich lifestyle and way of acting is an insult to his working lifestyle. When he learns that she lost her teaching position for frequently "meeting with strange men," he discovers there's more to Blanche than meets the eye. I think that the theme of the movie was pretty poor.
             The whole movie was based on why a lady left home and came to live with her sister for a while. It is a lot like a plain old television show. Nothing really incredible happens, there isn't much of a story line. She shows up and begins to fight with her sister and her sister's husband. He is mad about not getting any money and her having all kinds of nice clothes. He is just jealous.
             The movie is done about everyday things. The things that happen in the movie happen all the time. Teachers loose there jobs for all kinds of reasons along the same lines. They have an affair with students, other teachers or just do something stupid and get fired. This is nothing special, especially not something to write a movie about.
             The whole theme was pretty boring. It was not really an attention getter. I think it would put people to sleep instead of getting their attention. The whole thing about a lady showing up at here sister's house with a hidden reason is pretty boring. There isn't any action to it. The only somewhat action there is is arguments between them. .
             Some people might say that it is a good thing to write movie about. Back then that kind of thing just didn't happen. Teachers were supposed to be good people.

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