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Indian Migration to the United States

            My ethnography field work is based on the immigration of people from India to the United States of America. My objective was to find out how difficult it was for people from the Indian culture to adapt with other cultures in the US or the American culture itself. There had to be a purpose of them coming to this country and I wanted to find out if that purpose was met. I was curious to know what their cultural traditions were and whether they were able to continue practicing the same traditions and rituals without difficulties. Although it may seem odd to an outsider like me, I wanted to see if there was any resemblance with my culture. The reason of choosing to do my Ethnography work on the Indian culture was because there are many interesting facts within this culture that made me eager to learn about it. Questioning the person for the interview, I felt a little uncomfortable as I am a stranger to their eyes as they are to mine. He opened up to explain their reasons and practices of his culture. I learned about the diversity of religions, Gods, foods, marriage and different information that many people living in the United States are not aware of. There has not been a time where I felt as much compassion and understanding towards a different culture until conducting this interview.
             My interview took place in a small restaurant named "Shiva Natarajan's Malabar Hill"", owned by Sid, who was friendly and welcoming as soon as I walked in. The atmosphere of the restaurant was not the usual I was used to seeing and not as busy.Walking in, I felt as if I was in a different place, the slow rhythm, unfamiliar words of the songs playing slowly and the smell of different spices indistinguishable. It looked cozy and the sound of voices could be heard from a few people speaking the Indian language. It was shocking seeing some of the people eating with their bare fingers and the different dishes that were delivered to their table, then and there I asked myself, "Why weren't they using utensils but eating with their hands? ".

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