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Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

            Here in the United States, every household should have at least one computer or a laptop. I find two web browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to be the most popular. However, between Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, there are some differences such as tabbed browsing, security, performance, and cool new features.
             First, let's talk about security. I tried and used both Mozilla and IE and I found Mozilla was better than IE in security concerns. When you enter a website with pop-ups, Mozilla Firefox tells you that a pop-up for that website was blocked, but if you want to see that pop-up, you have the option to allow pop-ups for that website. Besides, Mozilla Firefox doesn't install straight from the operation system and anything you stored or bookmarked in its cache will not directly change your computer. .
             Internet Explorer is less secure than Mozilla. It comes automatically with most Windows installations, and people usually don't switch to a non-Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer doesn't have pop up blocker. Also pop ups usually carry spyware and viruses which can easily get in and destroy your computer. These pop ups can be annoying; therefore, pop up blockers are essential for most computer users.
             Second are performance and tabbed browsing. I think Mozilla Firefox stands out because it loads pages very fast. The pictures and graphics are in correct places; in addition, you can easily have it remember and reveal all your stored passwords. Also, it has a default search engine, Google, which is the most popular search engine today. It is really good at handling multiple images and videos on web pages. You can open as many tabs as you want in one window. Mozilla Firefox has a really good feature which is the restore session. If you are browsing and your computer shuts down or all the websites dissapear, Mozilla Firefox will ask you if you want to restore your last session or open a new one.

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